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Soldiers of Rhino was formed before the official alliance system was created for Supremacy 1914. Their first leader was Chamrajnagar. By the time the official alliance system was in place ConquerorV had became the second leader of their alliance.

ConquerorV's ReinEdit

Under ConquerorV rein, SoR had a successful elo record. However, most of the management members went inactive so SoR appointed a new leader, J-Dowg

J-Dowg's Rein to CurrentEdit

The most senior members were promoted to moderators. SoR is in the process of rebuilding their alliance. They wish to remain successful without having to require too much time from members. Soldiers of Rhino are in the process on making another forum.


Record as of 8-26-14

Name W/L
S1914 Trkiya W
Brotherhoods in Steel W
Osmanli W
The Death Squad W
Kampgruppe W
Federation of Armed Nations W
Dojo of Abu Huraira W
Section 8 L
Allianate der Lage Landen L
TINStar 2L

Alliance PageEdit

SoR Page

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