Available from:

Day 8

Production time:

2 days

Max level:



10,000£, 2,500 iron ore, 2,500 wood, 2,500 oil

Morale increase:

2.5% per level

Production increase:

8% per level

Other effects:

Allows the production of mechanized units

Factories enable the production of mechanized units and is the single most important building when it comes to constructing an army. Factories become available on day 8 and a level 2 workshop must have been built in the province before the construction of a factory can be started.

A factory can be upgraded up to 4 levels, each level decreasing the production time of mechanized units and unlocking new ones, as portrayed in the table below. A level 4 factory does not unlock any new units, it only increases the resource production and morale of the province and decreases the production of earlier units.

The production of naval units (submarines, battleships and light cruisers) also require an harbour in the same province, and the production of a railgun requires railways. You do not need an aerodome to build fighters and bombers.

Unit Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4


4 days 2 days 1⅓ days 1 day


4 days 2 days 1⅓ days 1 day

Light Cruiser*

4 days 2 days 1⅓ days 1 day


N/A 3 days 2 days 1½ days


N/A 3 days 2 days 1½ days


N/A 3 days 2 days 1½ days


N/A N/A 4 days 3 days


N/A N/A 4 days 3 days
Bomber* N/A N/A 4 days 3 days

  • note: the application of a star at the end of the name represents the current unit is for Gold Rounds only.

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