On this page you will find a selection of custom flags which you can use in-game, as well as their authors and any notes they would like to include about the artwork. Split countries are combined back into original form; i.e., there is no "West" and "East" Libya. There is also a list of custom flags for coalitions. Open the Table of Contents or use Ctrl+F to find your desired nation. List is in alphabetical order.

Adding Flags:

There are many nations that don't have any custom flags yet. To add additional flags, all you need to do is go into the edit box for the particular nation (edit link is on the right hand side of the nation's name, further down in the page), right click on the bottom of the table, hover over to Row and then click on Insert Row After, and then fill in all the information.

Chances are that you'll want to add a photo and it won't be in perfect 64x40 pixel dimensions. In such cases where your image is too large, visit this page to upload your photo rather than using the editor's upload tool:

Afterwards when editing the table, instead of dragging or inserting the image into the "Flag" column, simply type out: File:Picturename.jpg|64px, enclosed by double brackets. This will automatically create an internal picture link that is scaled to the uniform size. This way, clicking on the picture will then take you to the larger version of the image, provided it has one. An example of it is;


You can also just use the built in editor's tool and someone like me will come around and fix it later. It's up to your level of technical skill.

10 and 31 Player MapEdit

Given that many of the nations are interchangeable and that the 30 player map is merely the basic 10 player Europe map expanded to include other nations as well, nations from both maps are amalgamated here.


Flag Artist Notes
Sa-var None Contributed by AJ_86


Flag Artist Notes
KAlgeriaFlagSSm Sturmbringer
KAlgeriaFlagSm Sturmbringer


Flag Artist Notes
AusHunFlagSm Sturmbringer
AustriaHungaryFlagSSm None Flag of Austria-Hungary. Contributed by Sturmbringer.
Vic-Austria-Hungary Victor


Flag Artist Notes
BulgariaRL flag.jpg Wulfprinz Bulgarian flag with royal crest.


Flag Artist Notes
Canada World Flags Database Size edit by Wulfprinz, nNational flag
Canada HM World Flags Database Size edit by Wulfprinz, Royal flag
CA govGen World Flags Database Size edit by Wulfprinz, Governor General
Canada jack Wulfprinz A Union Jack


Flag Artist saff


Flag Artist Notes
Eaf~re AJ_86

Based on Egyptian and British East Africa flags.

UnspheredTnT Flag of the Sultanate of Egypt.


Flag Artist Notes
Fi-stat None Finland State Flag. Contributed by AJ_86


Flag Artist Notes
Vic-FreeFrance Victor
349amedievalFrance None Flag of Medieval France. Contributed by Azoreus
354aNORMANDIEXS None Flag of Normandy. Contributed by Azoreus
Notre 6occitan None Flag of Occitan. Contributed by Azoreus
Fr~niii None

Flag of Napolean III. Contributed by AJ_86

German EmpireEdit

Flag Artist Notes
Vic-HolyGermanEmpire Victor
GDR Victor
800px-War Flag Brusilov
1000px-Flag of German Empire (jack 1903) None War Ensign of the German Empire. Contributed by Azoreus
1000px-Flag of the German Empire None Flag of the German Empire. Contributed by Azoreus
1000px-War Ensign of Germany 1903-1918.svg None Flag of the Kaiserliche Marine. Contributed by Azoreus
1000px-Flag of Prussia 1892-1918 None Flag of Prussia. Contributed by Azoreus
Fic hfrm10 None From cover of Great War: Breakthrough, by Harry Turtledove. Contributed by AJ_86

Great BritainEdit

Flag Artist Notes
NeoBritainSm Sturmbringer
UKstars Victor


Flag Artist Notes
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935.svg
None Flag of the Kingdom of Greece. Contributed by Murderiser.
Byzantine Empire
None Flag of the Byzantine Empire. Contributed by Brusilov.


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes
Vic-SPQR Victor
Vic-PapalEmblemFlag Victor
File:ARIA.png J-Hoax Aria Company (Neo-Venezia)


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes
Flag-lithuanian-ssr None Lithuanian flag under the U.S.S.R.


Flag Artist Notes
Vic-Morocco Victor


Flag Artist Notes
1000px-Royal Standard of Norway.svg None Flag of the Old Kingdom of Norway. Contributed by Azoreus


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes
Ro None Romanian Nation Flag, minus Royal Seal. Contributed by AJ_86


Flag Artist Notes
Vic-sovietflag Victor
Vic-MoscowEmpire Victor
Vic-Petersburgflag Victor
Flag of Yaroslavl Oblast None Actual flag of Yaroslavl Oblast. Contributed by RickyD


Flag Artist Notes
IberiaFlagSSm Sturmbringer
Vic-Spain Victor
387ireinodecastillayleo None Flag of Castile and León. Contributed by Azoreus
800px-Bandera Provincia de Toledo.svg None Flag of Toledo. Contributed by Brusilov
395ibanderagaleonsxviix None Unknown. Contributed by Azoreus


Flag Artist Notes
Vic-Sweden Victor
Vic-RoyalSweden Victor


Flag Artist Notes
Vic-Turkey Victor


Flag Artist Notes

United StatesEdit

Flag Artist Notes
SUSA Sturmbringer Southern USA
Vic-AtlanticFlag Victor
Vic-HolyAmericanEmpire Victor
Vic-Browncoat Victor
TaylorBars Wulfprinz Southern USA
USA None From 'Give Me Liberty' comic. Contributed by AJ_86


None New England Union. From 'Give Me Liberty' comic. Contributed by AJ_86

Bonnie blue flag

None The Bonnie Blue Flag. Contributed by Alvar the First.

Asia MapEdit

Flags for nations that are unique, or exclusive-to, the 10 player Asia Map. Nations that have already been listed in other sections are not included.

British IndiaEdit

Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes

Dutch East IndiesEdit

Flag Artist Notes

Federated Malay StatesEdit

Flag Artist Notes

French IndochinaEdit

Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Σημαία Artist Notes

North ChinnaEdit

Flag Artist Notes



Artist Note
Philipines Unknown Phillipino Grunge Flag

Republic of ChinaEdit

Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes

South ChinaEdit

Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes

Middle East MapEdit

Flags for nations that are unique or exclusive-to the newly released Middle East map. Nations that have already been listed in other sections are not included.


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes

French Equitorial AfricaEdit

Flag Artist Notes

French Upper VoltaEdit

Flag Artist Notes

French West AfricaEdit

Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes

Coalition FlagsEdit


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes


Flag Artist Notes

North AmericaEdit

Flag Artist Notes

South AmericaEdit

Flag Artist Notes

United States of La Plata 3 Nations


A coalition flag for three nations in the La Plata region of South America.

United States of La Plata 4

PfhorSomeski A coalition flag for four nations in the La Plata region of South America.
United States of South America
PfhorSomeski Coalition or player flag for the United States of South America.


Flag Artist Notes

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