This is a article is about making and breaking alliances.  Below are the types of allies you may incounter.

The Loyal AllyEdit

This players keeps all alliances he has as long as his allies are active. He only takes on two allies to avoid backstabbing.

The Ally Who Keeps Most AlliancesEdit

Thiis player keeps most allies that are useful to him. Unless his allies are utterly useless he will keep them. This guy only has two allies in internals and public games.

Victory At All CostsEdit

This guys allies all nearby players and is stuck most likely backstabbing someone at the end of the game. Sometimes he gets lucky and doesn't have to. He has limited honor but may be considered a hypocrite since some people believe you ether got lots of honor or you don't have any at all.

The Dirty DealerEdit

This guy allies everyone and picks off the weakest of his allies one by one. He Share Map's everyone to see their every move. This guy has no honor and shouldn't be trusted. If you cross paths with him, rid the map of his nation.

Section Two: When to Break an AllianceEdit

This Section is dedicated to when you have just cause to break an alliance with someone.


Your ally allows your enemy to cross through his lands to attack you

Plotting Against YouEdit

When your ally fortifies his borders with you with massive amounts of troops making his formation rather aggressive. Moreover, when your ally has been messaging back and forth with another country talking about invading you.

No Longer an Asset to YouEdit

When your ally's army has been decimated, depending on your stance on the issue you may consider backstabbing him or "absorbing" him

Section Three: How to Aviod Being BackstabbedEdit

Rule 1: Only have two allies when playing public and internal games. As for team practice matches and alliance challenges ally your whole team.

Rule 2: Remain candid with your allies.

Rule 3: Try to stop your allies from attacking each other. Don't just give them permission to annex each other, try to get them to become allied to each other.

Rule 4:  When in doubt place intellience spies on neutral and or allied countries.

How to Backstab?Edit

Rule 1: Capture as many provinces from your foe as possible.

Rule 2: Get them off guard if possible.

Rule 3: Inflict maximum damage. Take their grain/oil provinces, and destroy their factories with military sabotage spies.

Rule 4: Destroy their railways so their railguns can't move around well.

Rule 5: Sack the capital if it's an easy target.